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Daily Specials

MONDAY- HH - Any Domestic & shot of Jameson $5

             After 9 - Jameson $3 

TUESDAY - HH - PBR, Hamms, Or Burger & shot of Clyde Mays $5 

               After 9 - Shot of Rebel Yell $4

WEDNESDAY - HH - Any Domestic & shot of Wild Turkey 81 $5

                   After 9 - Wild Turkey $3

THURSDAY - HH- PBR & shot of Bulleit (Bourbon or Rye) $5

                - After 9 - Shot of Bulleit (Bourbon or Rye) $4

FRIDAY - HH - Bud or Bud Light & shot of Jim Beam $5

           - After 9 - shot of Jim Beam $3

                       - shot of Fireball $3

SATURDAY - 1pm to 8pm -$7 Select Craft and a shot of Bacardi           

                                - select craft beer bottles or can $3

               - after 8pm - Rotating shot and Craft Beer specials 

SUNDAY - 1pm to 8pm - $7 Craft beer special and Jack Daniels

                             - $3 Jägermeister all day Sunday

              - After 8pm - Rotating shot & Craft Beer specials

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​​​Fries Café    Clifton, Ohio

About Fries

Here at Fries, we specialize in Craft beers.  Although you will find your favorite, well-known domestics and well drinks, we pride ourselves in our wide selection of specialty craft brews.  Our bottle stock is always predictable for those times you know exactly what you want.  However, our draft system is constantly changing, always offering our patrons a wide variety of choices.

Whether you are a regular that's been coming for years or this is your first time coming to Fries, we are happy to have you as part of our Fries family.  We look forward to meeting you!